Video presentations should be considered as a short oral presentation. They should last at most 7 minutes: longer video will not be accepted. The video will be aired during the meeting and immediately followed by a short question time. Presenters are also invited to join the poster session to discuss their work further. Please submit within December, 13.

Video posters should be equated to the "concise introduction" you usually deliver in live poster presentations. The video should only provide the gist of your work, acting both as a teaser (the video-poster will be available one week in advance) and as a convenient start for generating meaningful questions. We ask to make it short (i.e., < 4 mins) because many video posters will be available! Please submit within December, 6.


Ph.D. presentations: follow the instructions received by email and submit below within December, 6.

How to prepare your video?
Any video capture software generating .mp4 files will do. Maybe the easiest would be to use your favorite platform for online meetings and record a session with only you participating. For example, for Webex: Start meeting --> Share content (e.g. PowerPoint presentation or poster pdf) --> Record session --> End meeting and save it as .mp4 file.

You may submit some further support along with your video poster, such as the PowerPoint presentation or a pdf of the poster.​


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